Boost Property Prices with Home Improvement
09 December 2013

If you are thinking of selling your home and buying a new one, you may also be considering doing some home improvements to try to boost the price of your property. This is a clever idea, more often than not buyers are looking to buy a home that needs little to no work doing on it. There are a number of home improvements you can make, the cheapest and easiest are things like de-cluttering, but if you have hundreds or thousands of pounds available, there are many more improvements that you can make to your home.

Fit central heating throughout your home, or update the current central heating system to something more energy efficient reducing bills.
Fit double glazing/new windows: if your windows look old or are cracked and drafty, consider replacing them. Not only will this make the house more energy efficient but it will also reduce the noise pollution in the house from the outside.

Re-decorate and carpet the house throughout, use neutral paints and simple designs, and ensure you keep the house light throughout. You are trying to create a home that most people will feel comfortable in.

Give your garden a makeover. The front garden is the first impression of your home a buyer is going to get, therefore you should make sure it’s a good first impression. Tidy the garden, add flowers and make it look welcoming. Landscape your back garden, consider adding decking or a pond.
Put in a new bathroom or even add a bathroom/toilet to add value to your home. New bathrooms are more welcoming, people feel more comfortable using them and buyers prefer them as it means the bathroom won’t need replacing for years.

Put in a new kitchen along with new appliances. This will be very attractive to a buyer and can add thousands to how much you get offered for your home. If you can’t afford a new kitchen, consider getting new surfaces and re-painting cupboard doors and adding new handles.
Remove unnecessary walls and create an open living space.

Build an extension or conservatory to add extra space to your home. Ensure the extension is keeping with the tone of the house, you do not want it to stand out too much, and remember that any alterations are subject to getting the required planning permissions granted.

Add extra bedrooms. This can be done two ways, you can either extend your house, for example, building a bedroom on top of a garage, or if you have big bedrooms you can replace walls and turn 2 bedrooms into 3. Before you add an extra bedroom make sure that you have the room to facilitate an additional one first, and the size of each room is liveable.

Converting the loft into an additional bedroom, living space or office can greatly increase the value of your home, and some of the work can be done yourself. Refrain from removing any beams or pieces of wood-these could be holding up the roof.

Add a garage onto the side of your house, whether you choose to use this to house your car or just as a laundry room. When you come to sell your home a garage will be attractive to buyers as it is a secure place to keep their car, and protect it against the weather, or it is storage space if the buyer does not have a car.

Whatever you decide to do, always consider how much it is going to cost you, and how much value it is going to add to your home. If you are gaining nothing from making these changes, is there much point in doing them? They will make the property easier to sell in some respects, but increasing its value also means more and more people cannot afford to buy it. Weigh out the pros and cons before jumping in.

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