Closet Packing Tips
09 December 2013

The whole process of moving has already started a few weeks ago. You have planned your removal carefully and have started earlier as everybody advised you.  You have planned when and how to pack each of your rooms except the closet. This is hardly a surprise for anyone. Closet tends to be one of the premises in the house that not always receives enough attention. On the contrary, we often use the closet to store old and useless things as just putting in them and not minding whether they are organized or cleaned. We often postpone its cleaning and reorganization. Though it seems an easy task to pack all the closet items it also requires time and good scheme. It is important to pack the closet storage in a proper manner so it will be easy to unpack at the new place. And once more, the correct packing will improve the organization of our new closet.
As we all know the efficient packing requires necessary supplies. So in first place we must gather boxes, bags, packing paper and packing tape, scissors, labels, and markers. We can use old, recycled boxes or just purchase them from the store.
Since the closet is usually the last premise to be packed we have a plenty of spare room for work. It may look a little bit strange to you but go and empty to whole closet. Do not sort it yet but just place the stuff in the middle of the working place. You may want to clean the closet so do it. This will leave you with the pleasant feeling of order and neatness.
Now you can start sorting all your items. You can form different piles. Some things you will want to keep, others are not useful anymore, third are still in good shape but yet you won’t use them.  You may also organize your stuff in categories such as clothes, shoes, hats, bags, and etc. You will see how useful it will turn to be when unpacking.
Go through the piles again. Check all the items you won’t keep and if this is your last decision  put them in garbage bags, label and mark them.
All the things that are still well preserved but you definitely won’t use may be donated or sold on a garage sale. This way you can help people or obtain some extra money.
There are two options for packing the clothing. First way is to pack the clothes keeping them on the hangers. You can fold and put them right in a box or bag. Keep in mind that clothing can become very heavy so don’t overfill the boxes. The other way is to take the clothes of the hangers and put each item in separate packing. Hangers have sharp ends so it will be a good idea if you wrap them with newspapers and packing tape. While packing your clothing you may notice that some cloths are dirty or have stains. Put these items in a separate bag and label it.
Shoes are items that must be packed with extreme caution. Often during transportation shoes get damaged and lose shape. You may stuff the shoes with old socks or  crumpled paper in order to prevent this. Pair the shoes and pack them with bubble wrap.
Same is applied to items such as bags, backpacks, purses. Leather purses often get creased so cover them with bubble wrap or packing paper before placing them in the box. If you can get shorter and smaller boxes it will be perfect to pack each purse or bag in a separate one thus decreasing the chance of damage.
Sort all pictures, toys and books and organize them in different boxes. Again labeling  is crucial for efficient unpacking.
At first sight packing the closet may seem very daunting task but if you stay organized and follow these simple steps the closet will be ready in just a few hours. So do not hesitate any more, roll up your sleeves and get to work!

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