How Self Storage W1 Can Provide A Peace of Mind while Travelling
09 December 2013

Every time people go on holiday they think of all their belongings which are left behind. It is not a nice thought; no matter for how long you are travelling, just by thinking that a burglar could steal your precious belongings or that an accident could damage them while you are away give you goose bumps. But there is a solution you probably haven`t considered yet. We think it`s time you did. Self storage W1 has become more and more popular over the past few years since people have realized that this is an affordable and effective solution of storing their items. But you might still ask yourself how Soho self storage can provide you peace of mind while travelling. Here are a few reasons for which you should rent self storage unite while you are away from home:

• It is a secure method of keeping your goods safe while away. Despite the fact that there have been cases of break-ins, frauds and thefts, you don’t have to fear leaving your belonging in self storage. Those are only isolated cases and they don’t happen often. Most self storage units are very well protected by computerized gates, breach detection fences, X-ray scanners and security guards which perform regular patrols all around the facility. Not mentioning the CCTV cameras which should make you feel completely sure on leaving your items in self storage W1.

• Self storage is not an expensive service, especially on short time. And on long term either. Moreover, it is very flexible when it comes to paying for it. You pay for exactly what you get, this means that you won`t be stuck in yearly leases and contracts that seek to take more money from you. Not at all, if you want only a month of self storage, then you pay only for a month, and you can take your belongings out anytime you want, without paying any fees or hidden costs.

• Another point in self`s storage favor is the fact that you can store virtually anything. And when we say anything, we mean anything you could possibly imagine, from small collectibles to even campervans and boats. But there are a few restrictions as well: most of them are relating to everything that is degradable such as food or any other items that can perish. Also, you are not allowed to store pets or plants. A huge room without proper conditions, enough oxygen and windows is not appropriate for storing living things. The chemical products or flammables are not allowed either, so be careful what you want to store. The best would be to talk to the owner of the self storage.

These are the main three reasons for which you should put your belongings in self storage while you are away from home. This way you will know that they are safe and secure, you won`t have to pay huge amounts of money to keep them there and you can store everything you want to be safe while you are gone.

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