How to Decorate Your Home After Moving In
09 December 2013

Although you might think that you will feel very happy when the time for unpacking finally comes in the process of relocation, this is rarely the case. As soon as you unpack your things in your new home you will realize that you will have to do the same amount of work as you did with the packing. Truth to be told, the sight of your new but totally empty house, which requires enormous amount of work, can be quite discouraging. Always remember that the sooner you start arranging your furniture and belongings and ornamenting the rooms, the sooner you will be able to fully enjoy your new property.

This is the room of your own personal privacy and it is the room that will define you mostly as a character. Remember, every day you rest, walk around, will fall asleep and wake up, staring in the walls of that room so make it as much enjoyable for yourself as possible. Don‘t forget that after some time you might not be the only person who will be using your bedroom. Through color, furniture and items you can give each room its own specific feel and atmosphere. Brighter colors stand for happiness, darker colors stand for seriousness. Try to keep the balance between the two. However, in the end, it all depends on your personal taste. Do it as you like it but always remember that other people need to like the room as well if they choose to come and see it. The paint on the walls is what immediately catches the eye of the visitor so make sure it is neither too dark, nor too bright. Popular colors are pink, bright green, bright blue, etc. Consider using wall-papers as well. There are all kinds of these and a lot are quite ingenious and pleasant to watch so choose the best for yourself. The objects in your bedroom also play an important role. Put there your most precious and loving items. They should be of that particular type of possession which bring back great memories and brighten your mood right away.

Of course, you should try to make this room as glamorous and shiny as possible but that rarely has a positive effect on casual visitors. The purpose of the guest room is to make guests feel like home so if you put an expensive golden clock on the wall or a million-dollar painting it could depress rather than impress the visitors. Make the guest room as neat and welcoming as you can. The colors, the furniture, the devices must all look very friendly, tranquil and inviting.   

This is a room that you should fill entirely with good-looking furniture, devices and tools which should represent the perfect balance between efficiency and beauty. If your kitchen has a great appearance you can be sure that any of the more tedious or pleasant experiences varying from washing the dishes to cooking the daily meals will be more enjoyable. Choose any colors which can elevate your spirit-bright, dark, screaming or pale. Place the drawers and the devices in a comfortable and practical manner so that you can reach effortlessly all the utensils, pans and pots.

If you follow those guidelines you will certainly end up in a wonderfully decorated new home but the truth is that it all comes down to one sentence: Do it as you like it. 

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