How To Guarantee A Successful WC1 Office Move
09 December 2013

Moving office is a much larger job than moving home, and if you are contemplating it you will have no doubt worked that out! There are plenty of ways to make sure that the move is a smooth and easy affair however, as a little research will point out. We have compiled a few hints and tips as to how to guarantee a successful WC1 office move below, so that you can get your head around the whole process before you undertake it, which will make everything a whole load easier than you may have thought it would be!

Start by planning the whole thing out with a couple of dedicated helpers from the office. Having a couple of extra pairs of eyes will mean that you are less likely to miss out on things, and will ensure that all sides of the move are covered. Plan the whole thing out in a time table type of plan, in which you note down how everything will be performed and by who and when. You should go in to detail on every aspect of the move, so that there are no questions left unanswered. This will mean that no one will need to ask you anything during the move, as they can refer to the plan, which should be typed up and handed out to everyone involved.

Once this is sorted, get around to sorting out a temporary filing system, so that your office system can be put back in place as quickly as possible when you arrive at your new office. The key to this process is to make sure that you use your time efficiently, to avoid any down time during the move in which you are wasting office hours and therefore money. Efficiency is the key, so make sure that you get the most out of your time. Get your packers supplied with tape dispensers and sack barrows so that boxing everything up is quick and easy. Make sure that you have the appropriate boxes for computers and printers alike, so that everything that is valuable is protected during transit.

The best way ensure that all the above are performed appropriately is to hire the services of specialist WC1 removals teams who deal mainly in larger WC1 moves and office moves. They will have the correctly trained staff to deal with every eventuality of your move should any surprises arise. Despite this, you should avoid there being any surprises. The best way to do this is to take the removal men through the office and show them where everything is and where it will be going on a plan of the new building. Make them aware of any stairs or awkward corridors, so that everything is accounted for any nothing slows down. The movers should obviously have a copy of the plan so that they can refer to it whenever they are unsure of anything, this will certainly help towards preventing your phone being rung every five minutes during the move!

One of the keys to making sure that your move goes smoothly is to retain the human element in your manner and conduct. Keeping your staff onside by making conditions pleasant is vital, and offering tea and biscuits as well as water and juice to tired staff will help you establish a connection with these helping you out. It is important that you do not get stressed as well, as this can cause rifts between you and those who are working for you and make everything much more difficult.

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