How to Move During a Hard Time
09 December 2013

Moving on our own choice and at the best of times is a big challenge and it’s really difficult. So what happens when you need to move during a time of stress or a hardship? It gets even harder and it could easily look like a mission impossible. A hard time for a move could be caused by anything: a death of a beloved person, a divorce, a stressful time or an economic crisis. Such circumstances make a move even harder than it already is. The hardest part is that many families have to move, but they don’t really want to move, because of such reasons. If you find yourself in such a situation, don’t despair. There are things you can do to cope with the house move easier.

If you have lost a beloved person you are probably left with a house full of their belongings and memories. It can be extremely hard to do a house clearance and go away, but it’s inevitable. Take the things that you need and don’t make quick decision. You obviously can’t take everything with you, but do keep some memories. If you cannot decide what to move or not, move it and decide later on when you are dealing with the grief better.

Another tough time when somebody needs to move is after a divorce or in the middle of it. You will feel all sorts of emotions and you might not be able to deal with every single thing. Hire a moving company or a man-and-van and let the movers pack your belongings. Try to stay focused and deal with your emotions. It is not embarrassing to admit that you don’t have the will power to deal with the move on your own right now. Throw away all the things that bring back bad memories and remind you of the life you had that is now gone. Concentrate on the present moment, buy some new furniture and make the new house your true home. If you are moving with your children, remember that communication is really important at that stage, no matter how old they are. Try to explain how things stand at the moment and involve them in the process of moving by giving them small tasks. If you don’t want to keep an item and move it simply throw it away, sell it or donate it. Every move is an inevitable new beginning so make sure you start fresh and leave the junk behind. It is essential to ask for help during a hard time. Your pride might be a hindrance, but it’s hard to move during unhappy conditions and to do everything on your own. Moving is one of the most stressful events in a person’s life and to have to move into a new life is even harder. You don’t need to be embarrassed to ask your friends or relatives for help. If you need to move into a smaller home because of your current financial situation, try to involve as many people as possible in the move. This will help you save money from hiring movers. You can also check different options for saving money from the packing material. As long as you stay positive, there is no reason not to cope with the situation. After all, moving cannot always be the happiest change, but it can be a better change for you than you expect.

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