Key Ideas on Efficient W1 Home Removal
09 December 2013

When you are moving house there is so much to be excited about that it is very easy to brush the more boring elements of the move under the rug. If this is something that you are likely to do, then be careful that you are self vigilant, as this is the path towards making your W1 move even more of a nightmare than it needs to be! Being careful to plan everything in advance can be a great way to make your move stress free and really quite manageable, so some key ideas on efficient W1 home removal should be useful no? Hopefully the following hints and tips help you to make everything as smooth and efficient as is possible.

Firstly, as mentioned, planning is key! Getting everything down on paper will show you the extent of your job, and make everything seem a lot more easy to deal with. You should plan chronologically, and be sure to note down who is doing what, where and when, so that you miss nothing. This is a great chance to do the costings for everything, and work out a budget. Be strict with yourself and keep to your plan as well as the budget. Letting everything slip will only mean that things become more difficult and rapidly more expensive as time goes on. Run your plan past a friend and see if they can identify anything that you may have missed, or can add notes as to prices and extras.

Having someone to help you with everything can be vital. Even if it is just a mate with no experience, an extra brain and pair of eyes can make all the difference, as they will be able to give you a fresh perspective on matters that you hadn’t even considered, which is useful when your mind is being bogged down by various elements of such a big task as moving house.

When you have your plan sorted, you can complete it with a little effort each day, so that you avoid a mad rush at the last minute. Things like sorting out the removals company, getting the new house sorted, packing up rooms and so many other things can be done in bursts of an hour or so every evening, usually even less. This sort of approach will reduce your stress levels throughout the move, so that you are much more able to complete the move with clarity and tact rather than panicking the whole time as you try to do everything in a week or so before the big day!

Keeping your mental health on point is key during this process, as you will have so many things to deal with and so many decisions to make that one mistake could throw the whole move into disaster. It is important for others as well as yourself however, as those around you throughout the move will be affected by your attitude, and if you are being a complete dragon all the time, then they will not want to work with you and will resent having to carry your orders out. This will invariably slow down the process, and make the whole thing even more difficult for you to deal with! The move will be a difficult time for your family as well, so if anything, keep your head for them, as seeing you get stressed will upset everyone that you hold dearest, and make things difficult for them as well.

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