Man and Van Service or DIY Move
09 December 2013

For many of us living in the city, the prospect of moving is not as scary for those in the country side. Admittedly, this is because our houses are generally smaller, so it is not necessarily a good thing, but you will likely be quite grateful come moving day. Usually, if you are only having to move a small flat, you will not even start to consider using a full blown removals service, and the toss up is between whether to use a man and van, or just do the whole thing yourself! The question of man and van service or DIY move is a difficult one, as it depends on a few factors, like whether you have a car or not, and whether you can find a few friends to make your DIY move an easy one. We’ll go through either service and get to know the pros and cons of each.

Let’s start with the DIY move. If you have your own car, or a friend who has one, then this is likely the move for you. If you or a friend have a car then it is likely that you are used to driving round your area, and doing repeat trips is not a problem, just make sure that your account for fuel costs and compare them to the charges that you may have had to pay elsewhere, or you may discover afterwards that it was more expensive than the Man and Van service! The only issue you may have is that you could be unused or incapable of lifting your heavier items of furniture, and if so then you need to get help or you will certainly injure yourself.

Finding some muscular friends shouldn’t be too hard, perhaps just offer a couple of friends a few drinks in the pub afterwards, or a nice large meal for everyone at your new place to celebrate and say thanks. This small cost should be enough to get them onside, and it will stop you hurting yourself, damaging your items, or smashing up either house! You may even be able to rent a Van for cheaper than the man and van service, but when you consider fuel and insurance costs, alongside the fact that you may not be that capable of driving the van, it is unlikely that it will be the best option.

Secondly, the Man and Van service. If you have a slightly larger move, and no car, then this is perfect. Prices tend to start from ?20 an hour, and if you are a burly young man, then you shouldn’t need anyone else than the driver to help out, which will save money elsewhere. If you do need another set of hands, then quite a few companies will offer another man for as little as an extra ten pounds per hour. You should make sure that you only pay them for the hours that they work however, there is little point in paying for a bloke to do a bit of lifting and then spend a couple of hours in a van doing nothing!

There are pros and cons to both sides, and each one has an answer for the other’s failings, so it is really up to you as to how you proceed with things. The main thing is to take in to consideration how long things will take, as multiple trips in a car could take all day and cost a fair amount in fuel, while a van could do the whole thing in one go, and save you a fair amount…

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