Moving Home Safety
09 December 2013

If you’re in the midst of preparing to move, you should by now have decided whether you’ll be hiring help or going it alone. It’s vital not to neglect health and safety when packing-up and lifting. For ways to keep healthy and well during the big move, follow these steps to simple yet effective removals –injury-free.

• Stretch it – a quick and easy warm-up and warm-down you can do before and after moving is to take a few minutes out to stretch all your muscles. You can do this by practising a few simple stretches up, bending down, touching your toes and shaking off, similar to conducting a work out. Remember to take it easy and not to over do it. A few circular neck motions after moving will help to ease any pulled muscles and loosen up any back knots you might have endured during lifting, slouching and bending.

• Suited and booted – what you wear whilst moving is just as important as taking the time to properly warm up. Strong and durable shoes are ideal for going inside and outside, plus for climbing ladders you’ll need good gripped soles to avoid slipping. Keep it simple and make sure that no item of clothing is hanging loose or could get caught. Remember not to wear your Sunday best either, you’ll therefore avoid any damage or rips commonly endured.

• Travel light – if your bags and boxes are too heavy or you’re struggling to lift them, it’s probably down to the simple fact that you’re taking too much with you and will need to have a rethink. Having a big clear out and a good de-clutter before moving will make your life easier and cut in half the overall packing and moving time. It’s also important to check that all of your drawers and cupboards are empty before carrying them as this will only cause you extra strain.

• Call the experts – there’s nothing wrong with a couple of extra pairs of hands. Hire help for the more tricky items, such as sofas, wardrobes and other hefty appliances. Struggling with heavy goods could seriously damage your help and cause injury, so consider what options you have before trying to carry that piano all by yourself.

• Straighten up – keeping your back nice and straight whilst carrying storage will improve your posture and prevent any common injury. A quick hint is to always use your knees for bending down to pick up boxes, don’t bend your back. And take every step slowly to avoid pulling muscles.

• Simple steps – always use a good, sturdy stepladder for loads above your shoulder height. But don’t do this alone, have someone occupy you whilst you carry out a move and ensure that they keep right behind you. Always slide a box towards you, keep it pulled close to you and step slowly and carefully down the ladder.

Following these simple steps will help to prevent you from causing unnecessary harm or injury to yourself whilst you’re moving house, lifting heavy items or packing your belongings away. Remember back damage can be long-term and will cause you problem in later life. Your health and wellbeing is the most important part of your life. If you decide against following these precautions you may come across complications later in life so it’s always better to be safe than sorry. To avoid aches, pains and bone strain, move safe and live well.

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