How to Keep it Cheap
09 December 2013

The costs of moving home can skyrocket all too easily. With rental and property prices in London already being high, any additional costs can really start to break the bank during the removals process. There are some things you can do, however, to offset the cost and stress of moving in London.

First of all, being in a large city does have a number of benefits when relocating. Often, you will be moving from one area of the city to another, so even with traffic and other possible delays, moving your belongings will hopefully not take more than a few days at most, depending on how much you have to move. This should hopefully give you a good idea of how much you might have to spend, but also opens up the possibility of bypassing removal companies all together.

Depending on the scale of your move, it’s always a good idea to do some research into the best option for transport. First, consider how much you need to move, the distance you have to cover, and the how long you expect the move to take from one place to the other. Once you have a good idea of these areas, you can begin to assess whether a man with a van, hiring a van yourself, or a removal company is the best option. Some things to consider are that man and van hire services will often allow you more leeway when it comes to time. If you only have to move an hour or so from your current location, it’s probably not worth hiring a removal company, for example.

London also has a decent public transport system, so if your new home is located close to transport links, why not make use of them and save yourself some money. A good way to do this is to transport any easy to carry and smaller items yourself. This way you can save all the heavy items for your hired van, which may mean you only need a very short term hire, or small amount of trips, which can save on your overall moving costs.

Even better, ask friends or family to give you hand. Covering the cost of a friends petrol money will be much cheaper than hiring a van yourself. If you do need the services of a removal company or man and van hire, then once again, being in London can be an advantage here. There are countless services on offer, and there will more than likely be a good selection to choose from in your area. If you choose the man in a van option, you can also haggle a bit by comparing the rates, or ask locals for their recommendation.

In terms of packing costs, if you’re short on boxes many local grocery shops will often be happy to hand over their unused ones for you, if you ask, and these shops are normally located near most residential areas and on local high streets, making them easy to find.

Overall, take advantage of being in a city. There are lots of options and lots of competition when it comes to removal services, so use this to your advantage. Checking with friends or colleagues at the workplace can often yield some helpful advice, and point you in the direction of good offers too, so try and pursue every avenue you can.

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