Moving Into a Student House: The Basics
17Feb 2014
Sorting out removals can be a real pain at the best of times but when you're moving into a student house, perhaps even for the first time, there can be a whole new batch of problems and worries that you have to contend with aside from all the usual ones. It's meant to be an exciting time where you take on loads of new responsibilities, have plenty of freedom and the time of your life! However, in order to get to this point, there's a whole lot of stuff to take care of. It is definitely possible to keep on top of it though, especially when you use our check list.Do your Housing HomeworkWhen you're moving into a house for the first time, especially when it's with your friends and you're just excited to move out of home then it can be tempting to just go for a house based on appearances or how big your bedroom will be. While these are obviously things to take into consideration it's also important that you make note of more important things which will affect your living situation in the future. For example, it's important to check that your landlord is legitimate and that they are planning to put your deposit into the Deposit Protection Scheme (DPS). You also need to check that the property itself is in good condition and does not have problems with damp. Also that doors and windows are secure. It's also important to ensure that you're in a good area, near your college or university and that it's safe and secure. So much more to think about than simply how it looks!Pack SensiblyPacking up a fair bit of your life to take away with you for many months of the year can be a bit of a mammoth task and is not something to take lightly or leave until the very last minute. You need to think about what you'll need but also what your room already comes with. Not only do you have to consider the necessities but also all the things which will make your room feel like a home from home and not just somewhere that staying! This will make all the difference between homesickness and actually enjoying living away and your student life. Packing requires making sure that you have all the right essentials, including cardboard boxes, bubble wrap and plenty of labels. Having a selection of suitcases and bags will also prove useful not only in the moving process but also for visits home. Plan the RemovalDon't just assume that you can fit all of your belongings into a car because on the day it will be far too late to book a man and van service. Instead do a test run and in the case that you've simply packed too much then you'll be able to unpack or of course hire a professional removals service, which is always something to bear in mind because they'll be able to ensure that everything arrives safely and unload the van for you which will be a time saver and ensure no one gets injured carrying your heavy boxes!Moving into your student house can be one of the best experiences of your life and if you pick the right one and do it properly then it can be stress-free and enjoyable instead of an experience that you want to forget. Following this check list will get you well on the way to having a good student removals experience!

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