Packing Is The Most Important Part Of Soho House Removals
09 December 2013

The WC2 post code area of London is a culturally rich and varied place. Located mostly in the City of Westminster, it’s home to famous places like Leicester Square and Trafalgar Square. These places aren’t just squares on a monopoly board either, they each have a character of their own. Leicester Square for examples is the home of London’s cinema – and is where many film premieres are held. Trafalgar Square needs no introduction. It’s not only home to Nelsons Column but to many seasonal events too, like the New Years and Christmas celebrations.

The W2 is a fine place to move to, but if you’re planning a removal there’s plenty of things to consider. What Soho moving company to hire, (if you’re hiring one at all), what time of day is the move going to take place, and how much of your furnishings will be coming with you. One of the most important aspects that people often overlook is the packing process. You might think you can just throw everything into boxes, as long as they’re wrapped up in plastic and bubble wrap it’ll be fine. But there’s a lot more to it than that, careful planning is required if you want to handle the packing yourself;

The first thing to think about is the packing materials. Think to yourself; how much do you need? You’ll need multiple boxes for each room you’ll be packing away, as well as bubble wrap for your breakables. Also, consider packing paper to help keep everything still inside the boxes, packing tape to seal everything up and labels to remind yourself where everything is. All of these materials need to be high quality so they won’t let you down on the moving day. Using old appliance boxes and shoe boxes may save you money, but they’re also more likely to break apart. There’s not just the packing to think about to, consider what you’ll need for the unpacking. You’ll need a sharp cutting implement like a box cutter or heavy duty scissors, so the high quality boxes you’ve used can finally be opened.

If you don’t have the time to do all of the packing and unpacking, there’s always the professional option. Packing and unpacking companies will add to your bill if you’re planning to hire, but they also provide a myriad of advantages. They don’t only take on most of the work for you, they’ll take every step possible to make sure it’s done properly. Packing services will conduct a thorough survey, so they know what materials to use, and how to make the best of them. Their staff are always properly trained and experienced with all manner of packaging jobs, too.

So packing companies are dependable, reliable, yes. But what if you think they’re a little on the pricey side? Well, there is a way to take advantage of the services of packing firms without breaking your budget. You could always operate on a shared work basis. What I mean by this is you could simply hire the packing company to take on the bulk of the work; say the furniture and larger items, and handle the packing and unpacking of the smaller bits yourself. There’s less for them to survey and eventually pack, so costs will go down, but at the same time there’s also less for you to do. You could also simply hire them to handle the packing by itself, and you can take on the unpacking job. Whichever is most convenient for you.

So, with your W2 move on the horizon, always keep the packing in mind. The quality of the packing is linked to the quality of the house removal Soho. If you move house and you’ve suffered multiple item breakages along the way, chances are it’s because of poor packing. You really don’t have to take this risk – pack everything up properly to ensure a happy moving experience.

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