Reinforcing Packing Boxes for More Safety During House Moves
09 December 2013

While cartons and packing boxes are usually very dependable and will allow your belongings to reach from one place to another without any harm, sometimes it makes sense to reinforce them a little to ensure extra safety. This is especially useful if the boxes you are using are not new and if they have seen some wear and tear. You don’t always have to go out and buy new cartons and spend a lot of money on replacing the ones you do have. With a little bit of effort, the old ones will be as good as new, and for a fraction of the cost! All you need is some duct tape, some strong glue and some corrugated card sheets.

Begin by cutting the duct tape to the lengths of the carton’s edges and flaps. You will want to stick the tape where all the flaps at the base overlap. Once you’ve taped the bottom flaps into place along where they meet, also add shorter strips of tape horizontally over the flaps. These should lie perpendicularly on top of the tape sealing the flaps together and these will add extra strength to the box.

Then cut strips of tape to place along every edge of the box as well as all the corners. Apply the tape on the vertical edges such that half of the tape sticks to a bit of one side and the other half of the tape sticks to the other side. In other words, the tape should cover the edges completely and go over to both sides/ surfaces forming the edge. You can add small, horizontal strips on these edges too, but it isn’t necessary.

Add tape to all the corners of the box. You’ll have to cut off small strips or squares of tape and layer them over each other on all four corners. It might make the box look a tad bit untidy, but it makes sure that the corners are strong and will bear the weight of the items once the box is packed. It will also prevent the corners from getting torn or damaged when the boxes are being loaded and transported. You can tape over the corners in an ‘X’ shape by using two strips of tape to cover the corners in diagonal lines.

If there are any exposed or damaged portions on the surface, tape over these as well. Do this on the inside of the cardboard box too.

Take a sheet of corrugated card and fix it onto an inside surface of the box with some strong glue. Corrugated card has ridged surfaces and these add to the overall durability of the box. These sheets are easily available at office supplies stores and crafts shops. Glue on a sheet to each side and surface of the box from the inside. If you want to add the corrugated sheets to the flaps that will finally close the box from the top you can cut them to size and do so. If you want to take an extra step to ensure that the corrugated card sheets don’t come loose, you can tape over their edges after they have been glued into place. This will reinforce the box further.

The inside seams of cardboard boxes are often the most vulnerable parts and usually wear a tear begins. Tape these in properly by carefully applying the duct tape over the edge and firmly pressing it down to make sure all the seams are covered.

These steps will make sure your boxes are strong and sturdy enough to carry any weight. Do remember though that these tricks will work on boxes that are in a reasonably good condition to start off with. Don’t take a risk with a box that is completely dilapidated.

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