The Best Packing Techniques for a Move
09 December 2013

The longest and most tiring part of the relocation process is the packing and the unpacking combined. The better the backing, the easier and faster is the unpacking. So, the trick is to make the packing not only efficient and well executed, but also to make it as less exhausting and time-consuming as possible for you. The good and quick packing may be the difference between the preservation of your physical and spiritual strength during the move. This article will show you how to do the packing and therefore the relocation both intelligently and quickly.

Having a proper vehicle to transport your stuff is absolutely essential. A smaller vehicle than necessary would cause damage to your belongings while a larger one would inflict harm upon your financial stability. In short, you need to hire a truck or a van or a car which will be able to fit all the furniture, devices and other personal belongings of yours in a way that will provide safety to all of your possession during the journey to your new home. It is wise to calculate the combined weight and the combined amount of space of your belongings and not just to calculate via your eyesight the needed vehicle for the transportation of your stuff. When it comes down to packing, everything can be calculated precisely so don’t allow yourself to be satisfied with anything less than that. You need to choose a vehicle that can not only gather all your possessions. It needs to provide enough space for them to fit inside in boxes. Also, the interior of the vehicle needs to allow you to safely tie up the different boxes and furniture so that they can be fully motionless during the journey on the road.

There are several things you can do in order to make the packing faster and safer. First, you can compose a list that includes all of your possessions-furniture, devices, small items, utensils, dishes, necklaces, etc. Make sure you list your belongings according to their type and size. This way you will be able to orderly arrange them in boxes and handle them one at a time. Another way to pack your things is to simply take all of your boxes from one room to the next with your list and pack each room one after the other. Then you move all the boxes as close as possible to the front door and from there you carry them to the transportation vehicle. As far as it goes for the possessions you won’t need any more your very best option is to dispose of them one way or another. The best way is to sell them either through Internet or through a garage sale but that could take too long. It depends on how much time you have spared before the actual day of the move.

Remember, that you must leave the house in a proper condition. One of the many reasons why the packing is so lengthy and exhausting is the fact that it leaves a big mess after its completion so make sure you clean up your house properly. After all, you will probably want to sell it after you leave and the neater its appearance is the more potential buyers it will attract.

All in all, packing is difficult, annoying and seemingly endless process in the common understanding of people but all of that can be changed if you handle it smartly, orderly and carefully by following the simple tips in this article.

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