The three P's of Property Selling
09 December 2013

So, you fancy a change of scenery – maybe living at the same place has really started to get old. Or maybe you’ve found a new job, which necessitates the moving process. Whichever it is, you’ve got to think about selling the family home. You’ve got your heart set on the new place, but you’ve got to tie up the loose ends. Here are a few (alliterative) guidelines to help the sale along.


The first thing to do is make sure that everywhere looks good. Give every errant corner a good vacuum and every nook and cranny a good scrub. If somewhere needs painting, do so a good while before selling – the smell of still-drying paint is a good way to put off potential buyers. If there’s any repairs or replacements that need doing, make sure you see to them as soon as possible, the guttering, the skirting board, even the light bulbs. The place needs to give a good impression right from the get-go.

Then you need to start taking pictures. If you’ve got a good camera and the know how, or know someone who has both, then you’re in business. Make sure you make sure the lighting is vibrant – get out there on a sunny day and take shots from the best angles. Be careful not to leave too many shady parts in – you don’t want to look like you’re hiding something. If you’re not confident in your own photography, it might be worth investing in a professional. If you’re writing a custom advertisement, make sure your words have some flair. You don’t need to be an expert by any means, but you’re trying to convince people to take a look at your property, you need to entice them. Don’t be too flowery though, and keep details like the number of bedrooms, bathrooms etc. at the fore front of your advert.


You also need to work out a good and fair price point. Be mindful of the market as it stands at the moment – take a look at competing houses with similar locations and facilities, and price your place in line with those.

Be aware of the dangers of over and under pricing. The problem of over pricing is self explanatory, you’re likely to not get any interest or interest from those who will expect too much, and you will likely have to keep slashing your price until a sale can be done. Not recommended. Pricing it low might sound like the perfect solution, and get buyers pouring in. But be warned, buyers may steer clear due to suspicion. Questions like; ‘Why does he want it off the market this quickly’ will be going through their heads. And while you might have a good answer, the thought alone may keep potential buyers away. It’s best to just offer a competitive price rather than the deal of the century.


When the viewings start rolling in, you can let your house’s style do the work, but there are a few things to keep in mind. Like, making them feel at home. Open the curtains and the windows a crack to let fresh air in rather than smothering the place with air-freshener. Leave some snacks or drinks available to make your visitors more welcome, and as a result more interested. Let the viewers look at the property at their own pace, don’t follow them around, highlighting features and what not – let the house do that. If you give them some space, it allows them to envision what this house would be like for them after moving in. If they get a good impression, that will be the deciding factor.

Now, with these in mind you can look forward to a quick sale, and you can give your old dwelling place a new lease of life, while you go off and start a new chapter of your own with a fresh start. Just hope the owners of your new house has offered the same care and attention to detail as you have.

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