Time Saving Tips For A Savvy Mover
23May 2014
When you are moving house, it is often difficult to keep up with the continually changing landscape of everything that needs to be done. The issue with this is that when you then get to the end of the process, and find that there is a serious element of the removal missing, it having slipped under the carpet whilst you attended to other things. Such a vital organ of the removal being absent can really throw a spanner in the works, so it is essential that you both have everything covered, as well as having as much time to deal with things as possible. Here you can find some time saving tips to make the second part more likely, as no one wants to have their hands full when there are other, more serious matters to attend to. For a start, you need to be aware that if you are moving a household rather than a studio flat, you are going to need help. Time saving means delegation, and you need to be able to let go of some parts of the removal, in order to ensure that you are getting as much done as possible. For a start, your other half or flat mate should be taking on just as much work as you are. This does not necessarily mean that they need to be doing as much work on the move as yourself, but the workload that is divided between the office, looking after the kids and so on, as well as the removals help. There should not be a situation where one part of the family feels like they are carrying the whole group themselves basically! Secondly, starting early will mean that you have more time over all. Whilst this is not a time saving tip in itself, it will give you a chance to learn on the job without the process getting in the way of your progress. Your first few days of packing boxes will likely be a lot slower than they will be having gotten the hang of it all, so having that time to practice as it were will usually put you in good stead to save a bit of time going forwards. When you are packing, ensure that there is nothing that is going to slow you down. Getting in to the swing of things with the packing is pretty essential, as it will mean that you become used to the process and the job gets done much more quickly. Breaking the process up will not be nearly as effective, so do try and get longer sessions in. When you are packing, try to have all of the materials to hand at all times, ensuring that you never run out of any of the things that you need. You would be surprised how quickly things like packing tape and bubble wrap get used up, so it is essential that you over stock yourself slightly, as otherwise you may well have to stop the packing process and go out to get more materials! The more likely situation is that you use running out of tape as a welcome excuse to take a break and stop packing until you next go out to the shops, which may be in a couple of days or so! It is easy to save yourself time whilst you are moving home, you just need to be thinking ahead, and being sensible in general.

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