Furniture Removals


Furniture Removals in Soho

The average home or office contains more furniture than you would think. A house can contain beds, wardrobes, drawers, cupboards, tables and more, while the average office could contain desks, filing cabinets and cubicles. When you start to consider it all it’s more than you thought and so if you’re thinking about moving it can be a lot of work. How do you move them all out of your old building and into your new one? How do you pack them? How are they to be transported? How can you keep them safe from damage during the process? Would it be easier just to buy new furniture once I’ve moved? If you have considered any of these questions then you should give a call.

We are a firm that specialises in assisting people in moving home or office and we can help you with any and all problems cornering moving your furniture. Just by getting in touch with us we can make you move simple. We can answer your questions and give you advice if that’s all you require. If you want us to get more involved then we can tell us what we need to do,  then we’ll give you a quote and then before you know we’ll be taking care of all your moving needs.

The first thing we can do for you is sort out all your packing. This is the longest and most difficult step of a move but we will have it done in no time at all. We will send you our best movers and they will bring everything that is required, so you don’t have to worry about supplying materials or tools yourself. When it comes to furniture, getting it out of your old home or office is usually the most complicated problem but our team are experienced and so they can solve it. They are strong and capable of lifting large or heavy objects. They will be able to get them through doors or up and own stairs with ease but if necessary we can carefully dismantle your furniture so it can easily be carried out of your old home or office and into your new one.

Furniture Removals UKWe will ensure that all of your goods and furniture are taken care of by wrapping them in layers of protective materials. Using bubble wrap and polystyrene for example, will prevent your belongings from being damaged as well as keeping them clean. We have a large variety of containers at our so we will be able to transport any of your things. We have outsized containers too, which enables us to transport your furniture safely. Our team will take great care when loading your items onto their vans and secure them within so that they do not shake around when on the road. Within a day or two we can have everything packed up and directly taken to your new address.

If you can’t fit all your furniture into your new location or you just don’t want it all straight away then we can provide you with storage facilities. Here we can watch over your goods until you need them. You will have access seven days a week and we can deliver them straight to you. While with us your things will be given great care, as our facilities will keep them safe from adverse temperatures, bad weather and thieves.

So if you are in the process of moving or are just considering it then call us now on 020 8746 4343 and we’ll have a solution for your moving problems.