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Are you considering your first real home office move and worried about not knowing what to do or how much work is involved? Or have you moved before and know what long road lies ahead? Either way, a move takes a lot of effort and planning so even if you have some experience it is not something that can be done easily. However, if you’re inexperienced or a veteran at going from one home another then you can relax knowing that is here to assist you.

The best time to get in touch with us is before you have started proceedings but we will happily speak to you no matter how long through the process you are. We will have a one-to-one with you to find which of our many services your require as well as how much you will pay. We don’t go for rigid price packages as they are unfair to the customer. Instead we let you pick and choose what we do for you and charge accordingly. If you are not this far ahead with you move and are just considering it or you just want some advice we would be happy to hear from you.

If you recruit us then you can rest assured that you have hired the best. Our knowledgeable and experienced staff know the ins and outs of the removal business and so will provide you the best service possible. But that’s not all, because we only hire people who will be friendly and helpful, so that whatever questions you have they’ll answer them or if you want some guidance they will take you aside and run you through your move. They are also flexible, so they can change their normal routine to accommodate your needs. These people care about your move and will take every precaution that is goes smoothly and swiftly.

The first thing we usually do is take care of you packing. This is often the most dreaded step but we will have it done in no time. We can send around a team of people who will bring all the necessary tools and items to tackle the job. They know how to organise your things and will protect them by coating them with bubble wrap and other protective materials. This will keep them safe as they are packed into a variety of boxes which we supply, as well as throughout the journey to your new home. We highly regard your trust and so we take extra care that we pack your things delicately. Under our watch nothing will be broken or lost and when it arrives at your new home it will be as you left it. Everything will also be easy to carry so there will be chance of you hurting yourself.

Home Removals SohoWe have a wide array of vehicles to move your goods so nothing has to be left behind. We take care when driving so that your possessions will not be rocked about and we have everything at your new address on time. Then we will begin unloading and unpacking everything and have it all set up for you. as we can get even large furniture through narrow doors and up flights of stairs. If you do not want your belongings taken straight to your new abode then you should inquire about our secure storage facilities.

This  is just a brief overview of what we can do, so call us on 020 8746 4343 and we’ll get to work helping your to move into a new home.