Soho International Removals


International Removal ServicesIf you asked the average person in London where they would like to live in the EU they’d probably say places like Greece, Spain, France or Italy. Most of them probably wouldn’t say that they would like to stay in the UK. Despite this many people will never take that plunge and move to their dream destination so we have to ask; why not? Sure, you may think it’s hard work but you’d be wrong because there are people out there who want to help you not only take that first step, but also the last step into moving. are some of those people.

Just by calling us we can get you a little closer to your new home in the EU. If you get in touch you’ll be able to speak to a member of our friendly staff who will answer all your questions and help eliminate any worries. Our member of staff will get to know you and find out how you need our help. If you just need help on sorting out a few reaming titbits of your international move or you are totally clueless and need us to do the whole thing for you then we’re here for you.

Assuming you have already chosen your new home then it’s important to visit it several times before making the final purchase. Inspect the house top to bottom so there are no surprises and you can rest easy knowing everything is in order. Talk to your potential neighbours to learn about the area and make sure that you know where you will work and where any children will attend school once you have moved. If everything is in order then it’s time to start doing your paperwork, take consideration of local law and citizenship requirements and register with the local authorities. You will also have to make sure that none of your belongings are restricted, and you will have to have them insured and be subjected to customs.

Our staff are experiences with intentional moves so they can help you with all your paperwork woes. Once everything is finalised then you can begin to contemplate the packing but panic as we can take care of it all for you. We can send around a team of professionals who will have all your belongings wrapped up and packaged with a day or two. Everything will be secure and ready for transport and we guarantee that nothing will be damaged or lost. Whether it’s some books, your furniture or a vehicle we can arrange to have them all safely transported to your new European home.

Moving AbroadIf for whatever reason you don’t want everything either taken abroad or to your new home straight away then you will be surely interested in out storage facilities. Here we can keep your things for as long as you like and then immediately return them when you want them back. You can trust us knowing that your things will be safe from being damaged lost or stolen and they will be exactly as you left them upon your return.

Once you arrive in your new country we will finalise everything with customs and shipping agencies and because our staff will speak he local langue then nothing will be misunderstood. Then we can drive you directly to your new home where we can have everything already set up for you, allowing you to enjoy your new home from the get go. Give us a call now on 020 8746 4343 and you could be living where you really want to be.