Soho Man and Van Service


Soho Man and Van

A man in a van is the perfect combination of humans and technology. The van allows the man to do his job to the highest quality as this single machine encompasses everything he needs from transport to storage. A whole business can be ran from just one van. The simplicity and effectiveness of one machine is awe inspiring.

You may be reading this and think we are overstating a little but we are not. employs many men with vans and it has helped us to become one of the top removals services there is. Simple and effective is how we approach a customers move because we want it to be easy for them but yield the best results.

If your are arranging a move or are already underway with one then you have nothing lose by calling us on 020 8746 4343. You will get the chance to talk to our knowledgeable staff who can give you advice and answer your questions. If you want us to send out a man in a van let us know and we can plan how you want our help and how much you would have to pay. Once we’re in agreement our men can be there in no time at all, ready to help you with your move.

Before you ask, yes, we can take care of all your packing. It’s the most loathed  process of moving into a new home or office but we can do it all for you. Our men will first make a list of your things so nothing is forgotten or lost. Then we’ll bring out the packing, which our men will provide. They will gently wrap all your belongings in things such as bubble wrap and polystyrene, which will keep them from being crushed when placed in boxes, as well as keep them from being shook about and getting dirty. Then they will place everything into suitable boxes that will keep all your things together and make them easy to transport. They will be packed so they are easy to carry making it safer for our men and you. Overloading boxes can be a serious problem and so we take extra care to look out for your well being. If your furniture is too large to move or transport then we can disassemble it for you.

Man and Van UKIt can take a day to pack the average two bedroom home so it might take an extra day for larger homes or offices. We will then load everything into our vans, but we also have lorries for larger goods. Our team take their time and drive safely to ensure none of your belongings are damaged but you can be rest assured knowing they will have all your goods to you on time. Once everything arrives at your new address we will unload everything take the same precautions we did when loading. Everything will be unpacked and will rebuild furniture wherever you need it and then all you need to do is add any finishing touches and your new residence will be complete.

We offer more than just the moving service as we also have storage depots where we can house any of your items. This area will be secure from criminals and each container will protect your possessions from bad weather and temperatures. We can keep hold of as much of your goods as you like and will return them to you as soon as you require.

So call now and we can guarantee a simple and effective move with our man and van service.