Soho Removals Packing and Boxes


Packing and Boxes SohoWith our home or office we strive to have everything is in it’s right place. Every ornament and piece of furniture has been carefully placed to create the right ambience Pretty things are on display and useful things are contained in cupboards and drawers until you need them. You can strive hard to create that perfect balance but sometimes you want to move on. You want to take the plunge into relocating to a new house or office and so you destroy your balance in order to pack everything. It’s then when you realise how many things you own and how organising them together and making them suitable for transport will be a long and difficult task. It can prove to be so stressful as to put the move off altogether but such thoughts shouldn’t be entertained because is here for you.

Whether it’s the moment you decide to move or the second packing becomes too much of a burden you should get in contact with us. Our staff will be more than happy to guide you through your problems, answer any questions and give you a rundown of our services. We can do a lot to help you with your move so it would be foolish not to hear what we have to offer. For a affordable price we can have a highly trained team at your disposal who are soldiers in a war against stress, who will fight the enemy that is your packing.

Within days of a call to us we can have our experienced and hard working team at your home or office with everything they need to take care of your move. Some people might think that packing entails just throwing things into boxes but they couldn’t be further from the truth. There is a lot of planning and organisation at the beginning that can be difficult but make things easier. An inventory of your goods will help guarantee that nothing is lost or forgotten and knowing what items should be with which makes things simpler. Then we can then begin to apply protective material such as bubble wrap and polystyrene to your goods. This will keep your items safe from being crushed or knocked about as well as keeping them clean.

Packing Services UKOnce everything has been securely packed we move onto putting everything into containers. We have a whole host of things that you can use from boxes made of cardboard, plastic and wood but we also have things like, wardrobe boxes that are ideal for clothes. We take into consideration what sort of container is needed for each item so that they are safe. We will pack carefully so that nothing is damaged and make sure that each container is easy to lift so hat it won’t be dropped and the person carrying it won’t be injured. We take health and safety very seriously to ensure the well being of our staff and you. We can dismantle any large furniture that would be to cumbersome when intact, allowing us to move it out of the building, on to the transport and into your new residence with ease. Do not worry as we won’t leave your furnishings in pieces as we will rebuild them for you once they arrive at your new abode.

This is just a summary of the packing service we provide and we can do so much more for you whether it be transporting goods, supplying storage and more. Call us now on 020 8746 4343 and we will help put you and your belongings in the right place.