Leah B. 05Aug 2019
Quite satisfied with their movers. They are the best. Would use them again!
Monica S. 09Oct 2018
Removal van hire was cheap and Soho Moving Services were very professional too. It was the perfect service.
A. Stafford 28Jun 2017
Soho Moving Services were hard working, caring, and made sure I got the best removal service they can provide at a price I can afford.
Rose Ballard 21Dec 2015
I have used Soho Removal Firm's removal services endless times and I am yet to be unimpressed with their excellent services. Recently, I used them for furniture removals and once again, I was more than happy with their service. They always work so hard and so diligently. You will be lucky to have them so make sure you give them a try and I can assure you that you will be really impressed with their fabulous work.
Paul 27Apr 2015
When I opened my attic last month to see if we needed to move anything to our new house, I was shocked. There were at least two dozen good things that were unused, stored away for later that we had completely forgotten about. We had been moving our stuff slowly to the new place and this just threw us off our timeline. We called Movers Soho to help us out and they did a terrific job. Professional and friendly are the words I would like to use to describe them.
Damon S. 08Apr 2015
Moving to my new house was really easy with the help of this company. I'd hired a man with a van from Soho Removals because of the sheer amount of items that I had to move, and hiring them was definitely an excellent decision. This is a precise, dependable and very skilled company with great prices. I can't fault the service or my great mover!
Jade N. 17Mar 2015
I just want to give a big shout out to SohoRemovals for helping me move across the city. It was my first house move and I didn't know what to expect, which is why it was amazing when their team came to my rescue. Their quality of service was undeniable and they were really friendly and a pleasure to be around. So thanks to the team for making my removal a rather joyful process!
Susanne Jackson 29Jan 2015
SohoRemovals was the best removals service provider I have ever worked with. I worked with several other companies throughout the years, as I live in rent and I move often. However, none of the companies I worked with before has been so attentive to details as this one. I am more than happy that I found them in time and that I could book them. I am giving them five stars!
Dominic Granger 21Nov 2014
As a single bloke living in the heart of London with a busy work schedule, I didn't have any time to sort out my upcoming move. SohoRemovals were absolutely brilliant as they took care of everything! They even gave me a moving checklist to make sure I hadn't forgotten anything when moving out of my small rented flat! They really did take the stress out of having to relocate. Thanks guys. That won't be the last you'll hear of me!
Alicia H. 22Oct 2014
SohoRemovals provided me with invaluable help with my house move! Moving boxes was barely manageable for me, and I was really worried about how I'd cope with moving my furniture! I hired this company for their furniture removals expertise and I have to say that my movers were excellent! Moving the furniture down the stairs was easy for them, and they were great when it came to manoeuvring my dining table through the front door! Ten out of ten for service and quality - I couldn't be more pleased!
Steve 13Aug 2014
Hi, just leaving a review for SohoRemovals because I hired them when I was moving to my new apartment and the removal lads did everything that was asked of them plus a whole lot more. My wife and I were very excited about moving home however we couldn't help but be worried that the removal day wouldn't go well. Our worries turned out to be unfounded and this is in large part to the wonderful moving work of the removal guys who practically didn't stop all day. I have already recommended you to a work colleague who is moving soon and am sure she will be delighted with you as my wife and myself were.
Frances Evans 07Jul 2014
I know very little about man and van services, but what I do not is this; SohoRemovals are great to work with. I had an incredibly easy time sorting out things through them, and the man and van service that I got was on point from start to finish. I was extremely happy with how everything went and was proud to see things all fall in to place under my own steam. The driver was lovely, and very helpful, so I would recommend them on that alone! That said, the price was incredible as well, so top marks!
Hardeep 02Jun 2014
After our business unfortunately suffered a massive loss, it meant sell up, close down, file for bankruptcy or start again on a much smaller scale, I didn't want to lose something I'd worked so hard for so we decided to downscale starting with the premises we conduct our business from. I found a smaller office quickly and we decided to move. We used SohoRemovals because they offered cheap rates for business removals and they were brilliant , I cannot fault their services, we didn't lose any business trade during removals and that was extremely important to us, all thanks to their swift and speedy services, cheers guys!
Mick 13May 2014
SohoRemovals, I want to say an enormous thank you to you for being incredibly helpful and hard working! I wouldn't have been able to do it without you guys, so thank you very much for your hard work and for making my whole move just so much easier! It has been an utter pleasure working with you and I am simply thrilled with the work you did. My move was just so easy and stress-free and not at all hectic like I'd expected it to be. So thank you so much!
Steven Evans 29Apr 2014
When you are moving home, the first and pretty much the only phone call you really need to make is to SohoRemovals. Hiring them makes everything else a lot easier and I would definitely say that they are the one company who you need to hire in order to make sure that everything else is done properly. After struggling by with several moves in the past, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that there really are good moving companies out there who do a great deal in order to help you move. That's why I always say to call them first.
Jeremy Cole 15Apr 2014
Having had some removals nightmares in the past, I was really happy to have found SohoRemovals. They certainly made my life a lot easier overall, as I felt a lot less stressed out by the whole thing than I have done previously. The team were nice to deal with, and got on with the kids and my wife, which certainly lent to a pleasant atmosphere during the removal. They coped well with having my dogs about, who were being particularly badly behaved on the day, and performed a successful and well priced removal, with no trouble. A great service.
Joel G. 29Mar 2014
I needed to move quick as I sold my house really quick and luckily found a bargain property to buy. I had over the years hoarded a lot of things, so needed to shift them. My sister gave me a number of a removal company who had moved her a while before. She had told me nothing but good things about SohoRemovals and the workers and their efficiency. Well she was right, from the first call they were out giving me a quote and making a plan of how to go about it. A date was set, and basically it went perfect.
Terry Allen 19Mar 2014
I would just like to say that SohoRemovals were a huge help during our recent move. They really went out of their way to ensure that all of our needs were completely met at all times, and we always felt like all of our possessions were in safe hands throughout. It seemed to me that they really knew what they were doing and this made a big difference on the day, worried as we were about things breaking and the like. And to top it all off, they really helped us with an excellent price, great service entirely.
Carl Patterson 28Feb 2014
I've always found that the key to moving home properly, and this was something my dad believed too, was finding the right help. Not just a couple of friends, who are usually not too bothered and scared of heavy lifting. I'm talking about professionals. Professionals like SohoRemovals. They came in, provided exactly the service I needed and made sure that I was totally happy throughout. As such, I can heartily recommend them to help anyone else in the same situation and if you want to move home easily, they should be the first number you call.
Cynthia Lopez 10Feb 2014
For the best in the business, I never look any further than SohoRemovals. This is, I think, the third time we've moved with them and each and every time it has been an utter pleasure. I've been suggesting to my friends that - should they ever need to move - this is the perfect company to do so, and every time I've had to move, I go back. Every aspect of the service is great, so I thought I would jump online and try and tell some more people after another excellent service. Great company, great moving experience, thanks again all round.
Marcus W. 31Jan 2014
To find movers who you can truly class as dedicated and honest is one of those impossible finds; but I must say that is exactly what I have found in SohoRemovals. They agreed to assist me with a relatively small move from my dorm to a bachelors pad in London. Their vehicle was compact enough to fit into a normal parking spot and they loaded and off-loaded the van so quickly that it did not cost me a fortune in parking costs. I was truly impressed with the efficient way in which these movers worked and they treated my and my meagre belongings with the utmost respect! I will definitely call on your services again.
Clara 21Jan 2014
I moved into my home not too long ago and the stress and panic that I experienced was something I was desperate to avoid. I told myself I'd be using a professional removals company if I were to move again - and unfortunately for me, that day came sooner rather than later! This time around I did everything properly. I called SohoRemovals and hired movers and I set aside enough time for proper planning and packing. I had helpful advice from the staff at every point along the way and I was more than ready for moving day when it finally arrived. Thanks!
Maria Martin 07Jan 2014
Given that many people tend to move house in a way that leaves them stressed and panicked, I would say, why not avoid that? Why not hire SohoRemovals straight away, and you will likely find that stress and panic never come in to it! For the most part, our move was pretty much stress free, and I found that the removals team had a huge part to play in ensuring that we were never at risk of letting the move get too much for us. Thanks so much to the whole team, and to everyone at the company who helped us!
Ariana T. 28Dec 2013
After hearing great reviews from a friend, I decided to call SohoRemovals to provide assistance in moving my home. They were able to provide excellent man and van services to suit my precise needs. As soon as I called them, they got right to work in planning and preparing for the move. Their staff was extremely friendly and supportive throughout the move. We were able to work out a moving schedule that was convenient for my own schedule. They made sure that I was content even after move in day. They really went above and beyond to deliver a great home move.
Donatella L. 18Dec 2013
This was my first experience with a professional removal company as I had always accomplished smaller moves on my own. I wasn't sure what company to chose, but a friend recommended SohoRemovals to me. Immediately after calling them up, they had someone at my door, surveying my home. They were prompt and reliable throughout the whole move. I felt safe leaving them to my belongings as their staff members were experts in packing and transportation. I now know what moving company to use from now on. What a fantastic service, thanks to the great team at SohoRemovals.